Never Accept To Use Your Affordability To Take Loan For Anyone

I was giving this caution to one newly trained teacher and he asked me, , what is AFFORDABILITY? Affordability in simple language is the amount of loan you are qualified to take. In other words, it is the total amount of money, controller can permit to be deducted from your salary every month. Usually, it can’t exceed half of your salary. They cap it this way to protect the employees. But we sometimes finish this one and latter go to the bank for more loan which will be deducted from the leftover.

Your affordability is like your CREDIT CARD. The bigger your salary, the bigger your affordability. No loan or insurance company is permited to deduct more than half of your salary. For example, With 500gh affordability, you qualify to afford a loan of about 4,000gh for a duration of say, 1year and the 500gh monthly deduction would cater for the principal and interest for the 12month period. I hope it makes a little bit of sense to you?

Now to the main issue. Never give in, I repeat, never give in. Senior Colleagues, Families, Friends and Some Elderly People you respect in the community would come to you begging for loan. I also never knew about this Affordability thing until they started coming. If you tell them you don’t have money to lend them, they try to convince you to use your affordability to take the loan for them with sumptuous promises. The kind of repayment terms they would give you would sound so convincing to your ears but I tell you, resist it with all your strength and might. It’s usually not easy to tell them NO!. BUT YOU’VE GOT TO DO IT. Say it with your last breath. Take this advice and you will thank me later.

Save your affordability for a rainy day. You know, this salary work we are doing, It’s not very easy to save. Meanwhile, emergencies do happen. So your affordability is what may save you from death or disgrace one day if emergency happen. At least you have a leverage, something to lean on.

Giving in to this sweet request would be the beginning of the end of your beautiful friendship or relationship. They usually don’t pay back. Even if they do, the delay payment which distorts your plans. See, most of them have exhausted their affordability at controller and their bank and maybe what is left after all the gargantuan deductions will not even able to feed them. How do you expect them to repay you easily ?